iSenzR is an advanced IIoT device integrating data from various sensors, now including pH and level instruments, for comprehensive data acquisition.
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Your intuitive dashboard for real-time insights, empowering smart manufacturing with comprehensive data visualization and analysis.
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SenZsafe introduces Smart Fire Monitoring, employing advanced video analysis for swift detection and response to fire incidents.
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Smart Manufacturing Future - Focused Factory
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Smart Manufacturing Future - Focused Factory

Smart Manufacturing integrates IoT for process optimization and productivity enhancement. IIoT enables real-time monitoring, predictive maintenance, and seamless connectivity among machines, sensors, and analytics platforms, fostering innovation and efficiency.


About US

InfyIoT is a fusion of proficient industry experts with diverse expertise in technology and consulting.
Industry 4.0

Experience that Matters

InfyIoT comprises skilled industry veterans with 18+ years of average experience.

Putting Customers First

Focus on a customer-centric approach to establish trust and confidence.

Internet-Powered Machine Health

Expertise in leveraging internet capabilities for machine health assessment and monitoring.

Unmatched Versatility and Expertise

Specialized in handling 'Every Machine, Any Sensor, Any Age, Any Protocol, Any Application.

Innovative Monitoring Solutions

Utilizes cutting-edge technology for real-time or periodic monitoring, ensuring equipment health for industries.
Smart Process Control

Utilizing IIoT devices and Industry 4.0 technologies, Smart Process Control revolutionizes industrial operations through real-time data analysis and automation. Integrated with iSenzR and SenZdash platforms, it ensures seamless monitoring and optimization of manufacturing processes, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Fire Safety Monitoring

Leveraging SenZsafe's advanced sensors and IIoT capabilities, Fire Safety Monitoring goes beyond traditional methods. It employs intelligent algorithms to detect and prevent fire hazards in industrial settings, providing timely alerts and actionable insights for proactive risk mitigation, safeguarding both assets and personnel.

Vision Analysis

Powered by cutting-edge computer vision algorithms and SenZdash's analytics prowess, Vision Analysis transforms visual data into valuable insights for Industry 4.0 applications. It enables automated quality control, predictive maintenance, and process optimization by extracting actionable information from images and videos, driving continuous improvement in manufacturing operations.