The Future of machine analytics will be dependent on IoT devices

The Future of analytics will be dependent on IoT devices

iSenzR, is a Gateway device from the house of InfyIoT helps
bringdown manual dependency for data acquisition.

The device sends real time data and triggers alerts pertaining to the level, pH, temperature, flow and pressure of the equipment it’s mounted onto.

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We execute Proactive and Predictive

From InfyIoT, we offer a ton of services that you can avail to know about your equipment health. Periodically monitoring critical indicators and analyzing the data can help predict potential risks and help mitigate mishaps. InfyIoT is equipped with both the best people and state of the tech to be able to pull this off.

Industry 4.0

We close gaps between OT and IT. This increases overall Equipment effectiveness, Reduce process downtime, Improved quality management & Operational efficiency.

Customer first

We have designed our services keeping customers as our first priority.

Temperature Data Logger

We enable our customers to fast track their requirements to adapt to industry 4.0
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Flow data Logger

Envisioning industry 4.0

InfyIoT keeps industries on the move. For years, traditional
industries have been waiting for the next revolution, working as a predominantly human dependent workspace despite being filled with heavy machinery. Our devices and methods bring pivotal change to this space. From automated data collection to accurate analysis, we help in every we can make industries reliable.


Records Temperature

Records Flow

Records Pressure

Deliver result

A Gateway device from the house of InfyIoT

Realtime Monitoring with iSenzR
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